2016 RONIN Nutrition Challenge

What do you get?
          • Eat Clean Nutrition Guidelines with Q&A
          • Body Composition and Anyalsis tracking
          • Access to a private Ronin Health Challenge Facebook group where you will receive daily support from a Health Coach, recipes, get and share ideas.
          • Benchmark workouts to measure changes in performance
          • Point system to guide you and track your daily progress.  You get points based on eating clean, working out, and supporting others.
          • Chance to win one of 3 prizes: Cash, Massage, Free membership for friend
What is it? An 8 week real food nutrition challenge
When?  January 9th-February 27th
Why? To be a better you…and win some cash!
This challenge will focus on making changes to improve long term health.  Our goal is to focus on overall well being, not just dropping weight quickly.  When you walk away from the challenge, you will have a better understanding of how to incorporate a whole food diet into your lifestyle.  We are focusing on improving your performance, recovery, and health when you start eating the way nature intended!  To some extent we’ll be following the guidelines of an ancestral diet, but there is a large variation in the eating habits of healthy individuals. We don’t all have the same needs.  Diets start and then end. This is a way of eating. We want to learn to eat and fuel our bodies, not diet.
If you are ready to change your life for the better, here’s what you need to do…
1.) Register for the Ronin Health Challenge by emailing Courtney at courtney@ronin-training.com.  You will be sent a link to join our private Ronin Health Challenge Facebook group. The cost is $35 plus a $25 buy-in for the cash prize.
2.) Attend the Kick-off meeting on January 9th to have a Q&A on the guidlines to get you going on the right track (you’ll be able to ask more questions along the way anytime on Facebook), have a coach take beginning photos, measurements and body fat analysis, learn about the daily point system and get your logbook and participate in the benchmark workout.
3.) Track your progress and have daily support at your fingertips
Here’s how the point system works:
    •  Complete the daily Ronin Workout – 3 points
        •  Share your workout experience on social media tagging Ronin in your update for an additional 1 point
    • Eat Clean following our recommended guidelines – 5 points /3 points / 1 point
    • Share a recipe on our private health challenge facebook group- 1 point per day
    • Keep your eyes peeled for opportunities to earn bonus points throughout the challenge!
    • At the end every day we will do a roll call on our facebook group and check in with you to see how many points you have earned!
4.) Winning will be based on 3 components. Each criteria is worth 33%:
    1.)  Points accumulated each day throughout the challenge
    2.)Change in body composition as indicated through measurements and body fat analyzer
    3.) improved fitness as indicated by our beginning and ending benchmark workouts
5.) What is the reward besides improved health and fitness?
1st place – Cash Prize based on number entries! + 1 Month RONIN Gift Certificate to give to friend
2nd place – 60 minute massage + 1 Month RONIN Gift Certificate to give to friend
3rd place – 30 minute massage + 1 Month RONIN Gift Certificate to give to friend
Are you ready to challenge yourself and increase your health? 
    • Make sure you register by December 15th!
    • Join our private Facebook Group
    • Read the Dos and Don’ts of What to Eat
    • Mark your calendar for our end of the challenge party on Saturday March 5th where we will have a potluck and announce the winners of the challenge!