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Do Anything. Go Anywhere. No Limits.

Ronin Philosophy




Born out of modern special warfare training and ancient warrior traditions, Ronin Training emphasizes self reliance through training of the mind and body to develop an Authentic Fitness.

We train the whole person: Strength of Mind, Strength of Body and the Knowledge to put it to use in a functional and useful way. We offer both weekly classes, and monthly or quarterly seminars in a variety of arts and disciplines to create well rounded athletes and self reliant individuals able to overcome any situation.ess. Like Modern Day Ronin, the goal is to become a wealth of knowledge and skill able to be put to use in a moments notice.  Uncompromising training for an unconventional life.

All men and women need to have the strength and ability to run, jump, climb, fall, be confident in any environment and if needed defend themselves or others

We have become soft and reliant on modern conveniences. We are out of touch with our wild, primal roots. We are disconnected from our environment and the world around us and dependent on modern technology for our survival. We have privileged safety over experience, we’ve gained a lot in doing so, but, I think we’ve lost something too.

We strive to make our training reflect to that of our natural abilities. We address the whole person, not just one aspect. There’s a synergy that happens, an UnBreak

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able spirit that develops in front of which all things become possible. 

The elements of Ronin Training together establish an unparalleled confidence and freedom to pursue whatever direction your dreams may take you, a Fundamental level of Fitness.

Ronin is a lifestyle, a discipline, a philosophy of preparedness and an uncompromising determination to never give up responsibility of ourselves, and to enjoy all that life has to offer without limitations.

Strong. Fast. Agile. Uncompromising.

Ronin are versatile in their physical capabilities. Able to lift heavy, sprint fast, or endure great distances at a moments notice. Their body has evolved to respond to any challenge. Train to be fit, not just look fit.

Skilled in a wide variety of disciplines

Strength without skill is like a ship without a rudder, it may look impressive but neither will get you where you want. You need the knowledge to convert that raw ability into a functional and useful movement.

Self-Reliant. Capable. Effective in any situation.

Mentally strong and physically tough. Ronin are effective in any situation. capable of taking care of themselves or others no matter the circumstance or challenge.

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Here’s a peek into what it’s like at Ronin.

Ronin in History

Rō-nin: A person who lives outside the confines of traditional rules. Has no master. An independent capable in many disciplines, free to forge their own path.

The term Ronin was first used in the 17th century to describe a rogue Samurai who had no master. They were forced to become self-reliant, independent thinkers, capable in a wide variety of disciplines. Instead of following the command of a warlord, Ronin were free to fight for what they believed in.
Ronin were free to forge their own path
Today the term is used to describe freelance workers, warriors or scholars. It has come to mean free-thinking, self-reliant individuals, capable across a broad spectrum of disciplines, able to think and live outside the box, free to forge their own path.

The Founding of RONIN Training

Born out of Modern Special Warfare Training, Ronin has developed from pushing the boundaries mentally and physically, learning a whole set of skills, and opening up a whole new level of living and confidence.

The experiences Travis had n the military changed him. There is nothing like the peace and quiet confidence knowing that you can handle anything, do anything, go anywhere you want was freeing. After being medically discharged, he decided to continue the mission by joining Search and Rescue and becoming an instructor at a Military Academy putting the skills and lessons learned to use by training others and sharing the lessons he learned. In 6 months lives were radically transformed. Over the years his scope and desire broadened and wanted to reach those outside the military. The skills he learned we’re something that everybody should have and are applicable inside or outside the military. He started small training just a few, but it grew quickly, John and Deanne joined the team each bringing their own unique skill sets of Nutrition, Combatives, and Wilderness Exploration…..and Ronin Training was born.

 Nous Defions: A concious choice to not let others expectations of what is and isn’t possible define you

Today, Ronin is having the same effect on it’s members lives. The camaraderie, challenge, diverse skill set you will learn, and mental toughness that is forged are pushing it’s members to break the ceiling of what was once thought impossible. Ronin make their own path, Ronin find a way.

Core Concepts

  • Purposeful

    Movements, not muscles. Practice real functional movements, not artificial exercises. Running, jumping, climbing, lifting heavy objects, swinging, crawling, grappling.  Practice movements that have a purpose beyond the gym, sport, or competition. We all have busy lives, get fit while having fun and learning new skills.

  • Adaptive

    It’s not about what you do in the gym, but what you do with it. Movements must be adaptive, able to be used in a variety of applications.

  • Comprehensive

    All areas of fitness are balanced and trained accordingly. To be strong and fast, Agile and resilient. Unspecialized, equally strong in all areas. Fit in mind and body.

  • Versatile

    Able to be applied to a wide variety of situations.

  • Sustainable

    Training for the long haul. Keeping a long perspective on what we do. Are the movements sustainable or will they deteriorate your body and an accelerated rate? All movements most not only be effective, but lasting.

  • Progressive

    Everything scales to all levels and abilities. Each movement builds on the next providing a clear path of progression from beginner to advanced.

  • Natural

    Go outside and train in nature as much as possible. Use natural objects (lift rocks, people, sandbags) instead of machines and “exercise” equipment.

What people who have worked with us have to say

Doug C.

Ronin has transformed my concept of working out! It has taken something I once viewed as a chore, and changed it to an activity I look forward to everyday. It’s taken my fitness to a whole new level and has left me feeling many years younger!

Doug C.
Salina C.

At RONIN, I have found confidence and strength that I didn’t know I had in me. The sense of community is awesome! I love the encouragement from both the staff and the friends I have gained.

Salina C.
Courtney T.

I love the sense of accomplishment I feel after a workout. It’s always different and never feels boring. I can’t even imagine working out at a typical gym anymore.

Courtney T.
David S.

Ronin has been as physically rewarding as much of my time being in the Marine Corps Infantry 10 years ago. The instructors are top notch professionals and have become friends. The people at Ronin are amazing to be around. Ronin has changed my life in a positve nature.

David S.